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Classes: Learn How to Bind Books by Hand


Year-Round Teaching Program

Students are welcome to begin classes at any time, as they are on-going.

Our teaching includes most forms of binding, but is generally intended to lead to quarter- and full-leather tight-back binding, since we believe this to be the strongest and most durable form.
We conduct regular continuing classes on subjects related to bookbinding, such as knife sharpening, edge-gilding, paper- decorating and elementary tool cutting, etc. Each workshop has duration of two or three sessions.

Enrollment subject to vacancies.

Times of classes:

Thursday 10am-1pm 2-5pm 6-9pm
Friday 10am-1pm 2-5pm 6-9pm
Saturday --- 2-5pm ---


$90.00 per month for one three-hour session per week, including basic materials.
Add $90.00 per month for each additional session per week, to a maximum of $630 per month, for seven sessions each week.

How to Enroll

Please call to enroll. In order to keep tuition low, we do not presently have email service. From the USA: (510) 658-7930. A message machine is available 24 hours a day, if we are unable to answer. Please be sure to recite your telephone number and address slowly and clearly.

You may download a form to send by regular mail here.

General Scope of Teaching

The student begins by making a flat-backed casebound notebook, and proceeds from there to half- and full-cloth hollow-back bindings, using hung-in boards, and including pulling and repairing.
On demonstrating competence, the student proceeds to quarter- and full-leather bindings, including various forms of decoration, head bands and gilt edges. Book and art conservation includes cleaning, washing and sizing, de-acidification, etc.

Apprenticeships and Internships

A limited number of places are available for qualified students, after a minimum of six months' regular training. Apprentices and Interns will only be taken on with a minimum commitment of six months as Apprentice or Intern. Cost: $9,000 per annum.

About Us

Anne C. Kahle, N. D. D., majored in bookbinding in London, England, studying under Arthur Johnson, George Frewin, and William Matthews, also doing post-graduate research on document and archive repair. In 1960, she won the Thomas Harrison Memorial Award, and her fine bindings are in many European and American collections. She has been teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1969.

In addition to her regular teaching, she continues to work as a binder and restorer of artwork, maps, and documents on paper, as well as providing consultation services and training for librarians and archivists responsible for the maintenance of collections.

Questions? Please call (510) 658-7930


Home Classes How to Ruin Books Disaster Parts of a Book Fine Bindings